Attention to mold!

muffemuri1In Switzerland first and in many other European countries, the problem of’moisture home is taken very seriously by the public health institutions and reasons are contained with many informative resources in order to better protect the health of their fellow countrymen.

In Italy it is equally?

moisture problems and mold

We have said several times that excessive moisture and mold formation are frequent phenomena that can harm your health. Except for small patches, harmless from the point of view of health, as a precaution, It is always recommendable to eliminate quickly and correctly all mildew formations in living rooms and residence. At the same time must be identified and removed the causes of the problem, to prevent recurrence the problem within a short time.

Health effects

The health risks are proportional to the extension of the ’ formation of mold and include frequent eye irritation, skin and respiratory sensitization, and allergies. With the time, irritation of the Airways can go up to chronic bronchitis (with a strong cough) until ’ asthma.
Because of their penetrating odor, mold fungi can also affect the well-being of the inhabitants. In addition, and not least, they are suspected of transmitting even persistent colds and problematic.
For people already suffering from specific diseases, What cystic fibrosis, l ’ chronic asthma and those immunodepressed (who have undergone a transplant that or who are sick with Aids or cancer), the risk is very high.

Effects on building ’

The ’ moisture and mold can damage buildings and Interior. Not only can cause serious damage to the buildings quickly and make costly remedial interventions, but they can also cause damage risanabili hardly going to affect the value of the ’ property.


The right way to proceed

The various publications prepared by the ’ Federal Office for public health (FOPH) in collaboration with the ’ Switzerland Tenants Association (ASI), the ’ Switzerland Association of Landowners (APF) and the Swiss Association of ’ real estate ’ (SVIT) have informative purposes and awareness, We intend to provide, with this article, a very well made guide that clearly illustrates the risks and ways to overcome the problems that mold can create (You can download it at the bottom of the article ’).

Specific guidelines are aimed at people who have decision-making and advisory functions, but they are also suitable to those particularly interested in health issues and respond to questions such as:
– What ’ is the procedure to follow l ’ tenant or the owner in the event of the formation of mildew?
– The presence of mold in your apartment It is considered a trifle or a serious problem?
– What we must pay attention to a State-run rehabilitation ’ d art?
– How you can prevent the formation of moisture and mold in the future?

Proper rehabilitation

We said that mold in housing and residence must be eliminated quickly and correctly for health reasons in particular. So that nobody can run unnecessary risks, the remedial measures designed to eliminate moisture and mold problems must be done in accordance with memorandum dictated by ’ Swiss national accident insurance (SUVA) and Switzerland Entrepreneurs Association Painters ’ and Gessatori (ASIPG).

Mold measurements are useless

Sometimes are promoted, also consumer magazines, actions and methods of measurement with the ’ intent to detect hidden mold in order to inform about possible health risks.
According to the current state of scientific knowledge, there is no safe and reliable measurement allowing to detect hidden mold formations.

The clarifier brochure

logo_suisseA beautiful publication, edited by the Swiss Institute for Health ’, is distributed periodically to educate all citizens on this serious problem, We will again present translated into Italian and full version purely informational purposes in the hope that similar measures are taken quickly and seriously in Italy.

Download the full PDF brochure


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