IgroDry Antisale

AntisaleThe walls of the buildings are frequently affected by problems of excessive salinity due to the presence of nitrates, sulfates, chlorides and phosphates; before the masonry themselves to degrade the service un buon atisale
These sali They are transported in solution from the waters which have had or are in contact with the masonry and can come from the surroundings, than land, the waters used for mortars or by the same materials used for the construction.

Are common problems that have affected many buildings of various locations both in cities and in suburbs, but the most common salts are particularly:

Sulphates they are popular as stemming from the same building materials that contain them as impurities and dissolve with the ascent of ’ water.
Nitrates that often infiltrate into the walls of farm buildings, Why go with polluted water from organic sewage (and contain nitrogen compounds).
Chlorides that are present in abundance in the constructions located in seaside resorts, where it is more likely to come into contact with sea water and brackish water.

Now until the wall is dry, the presence of salts is not revealed. If, on the contrary, the wall is subjected to capillary rise of moisture, These salts are dragged toward the surface and emerge out as crystallised said efflorescence saline.
The efflorescence is an often very damaging side effect. In particular:
facing surfaces where are unsightly and are whitish stains very visible that tend over time to disrupt the material
plastered on the walls Instead, damage and swelling problems posting of paints or even plaster and dust and make all ’ living environment degradation.


Traditional treatments

In traditional treatments, damp walls with these problems, must be subjected to a restore operation consisting in the removal of’plaster ammalorato and reconstruction of a new plaster, After wall treatment with specific products.
Desalinizzante all ’ treatment is always required to prevent, within a short time, the same problems occur in saline rigonfiando surfacing again the plaster and regenerating new postings. All external ’ instead, If there is a, It is more difficult to apply, as the surfaces to face vista would require removing the coating materials, Reset ’ ammalorato and replace the plaster coating.

Cleansing with IgroDry

In treatments with IgroDry instead, the process is much simpler, fast and cheap as It is the same product that penetrates in depth, care and disables the salts reducing them to inactive crystals (It is no longer hygroscopic). In addition to the effects already described, However, beyond the product and is able to restore the masonry totally disrupting pollutants fungal, the mold and its spore and expelling the excess water ’ already from the first application.
In just a few hands practice applied by brush to get a totally healed masonry without the need for invasive and expensive construction, without dust or hand d ’ additional work.
IgroDry has proved to be very effective both in all treatments in all ’ ’ and is also great cases of coatings with porous bricks.

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