What is IgroDry

Perch & eacute;
Throughout the history of the’construction, Since the advent of the buildings in masonry to date, have always feared problems of damp ski coming from foundations and problems of moisture connected to condensation of water vapor at & rsquo; internal environments.

In the fine buildings of other eras, the pi & ugrave; great architects of history have frequently used ingenious tricks to cover these weaknesses gi & agrave; known and difficult to solve.

The modern construction ’, to keep costs down and to adapt to modern housing needs, tends to consider much less the problems of & rsquo; moisture & agrave; Environmental and town and chase the pi & ugrave; l & rsquo; utopia of energy saving, not considering at all the ’ importance of masonry as the main and only active interface that interposes between the statutory environment ’ and external ’.

Damp excesses in the environment then, In addition to the hydraulic failures, originate from water lifts from the ground along the walls or the lack of humid air with the external ’.
The reduced transpiration boundary of today's buildings, due to panellature for the & rsquo; thermal insulation (usually plastic and non breathable sources), make no substantial limitations in the steam exchange and CO2 towards the outside and ’ make it generally more humid environments, unhealthy and less pleasant to stay.

With a precarious balance now hygrothermic and unsatisfactory compromise, one perceives a heightened feeling of cold or hot, the cabinets and the sheets tend to be more & ugrave; damp smells are perceived more closed and cellar, the mold take pi & ugrave; Easily the upper hand and begin to take root on both walls on foods (which deteriorate pi & ugrave; easily).

Due to these issues that & egrave; been studied and invented this product totally safe, odorless, colorless, non toxic, ecological and easy to apply that is suitable for cleaning all types of damp walls, degraded or moldy.

You are then on the right place to buy the best product ever invented to heal the damp walls of Home your.


What is
IgroDry is a valuable and innovative product in Estonia some antisali and unique in the world that does not use any chemicals, synthetic, toxic or harmful.

And’ an exclusive product obtained from a water-based pure with very low sali, of pollutants and heavy metals. It is prepared by special equipment that activate an innovative molecular modification process (EAS) invented here in Italy 2004.
The product, if applied in Quantity & agrave; enough on the walls, It infiltrates and frees the capillarity of porous materials, off the saline water retention, ejects the salnitri most superficial, it counteracts the reformation and stops definitively the ascent of & rsquo; moisture & agrave;, restoring the walls and home environments without the need for invasive and dusty masonry work.

All chemical test, Rite toxicological and functional, confirm the absolute non-toxic ’ and total safety in use of the product ’. It does not generate toxic or malodorous fumes (even during or after treatment) offering a total confidence in domestic environments inhabited and in the presence of people or animals.
The compound IgroDry & egrave; totally non-toxic, odorless, biodegradable 100% biological and ecological.


What is l & rsquo; invention
Throughout the history of the building ’, by ’ advent of constructions in masonry today, have always feared rising problems of moisture from the walls.

In buildings of all eras, the more acute the designers used very ingenious solutions to address the problems of rising damp.

Today in modern construction ’, to keep costs down and to adapt housing needs, We tend to see much less issues of environmental humidity and wall ’, and pursue more energy savings, not considering the ’ importance of the wall itself as the main active interface that interposes between statutory and external environment.

The reduced transpiration walls caused by panellature for ’ thermal insulation, make strong limitations in exchange of air ’, of steam and CO2 towards the outer ’ making more humid environments, unhealthy and less pleasing.
Under these conditions, the balance will be unsatisfactory ’ hygro with hot or cold sensations accentuated, lockers and sheets will be more & ugrave; damp and mold and its odors take over.


The substance is obtained from a unique the EAS process (Harmonic Spectral Electrolysis) invented by an Italian research team, special touch-tone synthesis signals, It composes a liquid from the special features starting from an optimal solution of pure water.

The production process, severely constrained by trade secret, & Egrave; particularly complex and is generated by a specific and complex automatic equipment.
Even l & rsquo; entire production process done, In addition to being safe and non-polluting, It is also totally environmentally friendly and not harmful to the health of animals and plants.
The final substance appears to be a particular and innovative molecule of water from the chemical-physical characteristics also hardly detectable by pi & ugrave; sophisticated chemical laboratories, In fact, l & rsquo; production equipment does not add any chemical product or component, synthetic or silicone to & rsquo; water, but stably change the molecular structure (only special scanning electron microscopes can detect the particular structure).
The product is generated with special and specific electrolytic processes signals carried out at controlled pressures and temperatures by rigorous methods of self-regulation that impose a path of absolutely stable and repetitive production over time.



Also highly ecological production
Although for a regular cleansing are not large amounts of product requests (less than one litre per treat 2 to 4 mq), for the production of the substance is designed a special machine with a very low fuel consumption and optimized, totally free of harmful emissions.
It can be considered as a special intelligent distiller Fully automatic controlling all production processes and the quality of the output produced by limiting the staff to a minimum.

Highly effective

The product, using as vector l in stagnant water masonry ’, It is able to reach all of the connected zones and neutralizes hygroscopic.

The product does not require any special preparation of the materials to be treated (with the exception of removing parts already branches or encrusted by ’ moisture and previously sealed areas with non-breathable or absorbent treatments).

Per i application methods read carefully this page.