We offer movies, performed with endoscopic high magnification camera directly into a masonry affected by rising from degradation moisture. There will be shown visually the curative effects of IgroDry and deactivators 2301 about salt crystals.


process of imbibition and salt off


Visual sequence of the different stages of the treatment process


The two spectacular movies show, at the microscopic level, the remedial effects of IgroDry and deactivators 2301 applied on salt crystals.
The active ingredient of the product turns as orange-coloured beads that are deposited on the surface of Crystal Salt more hygroscopic. After imbibition ’, These agglomerates of nanoparticles (visible in various sizes as orange dots), they are attracted by the salt and Crystal deposit.
Nel contatto si avvia una reazione seguita ad un processo di disattivazione molto particolare che fa perdere totalmente e definitivamente l’effetto hygroscopic al sale anche dopo ripetuti clicli di asciugatura e imbibizione.

The subsequent loss of water (by evaporation) These crystals will be totally aggregates It is no longer absorbent; the next behavior of these crystals will be very similar to the normal silica sand.


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