Damp walls, here is the solution

Welcome! in the meantime… we know IgroDry

And’ an amazing product designed to solve the most common wall moisture problems in our living spaces that does not require invasive and dusty work.

And’ a clear, odorless liquid which is simply applied with a brush on the wall surface to be treated, leaves no residue or streaks, not maleodora, It is non-toxic and heals by rising damp, bulges, cracking and mold in a few hours.

The application is simple because it is applied in several coats with a brush similar to a paint job and does not require specialized operators.

The instructions are widely described on this page and you can check yourself the ease of use and application.

The product, although it may seem expensive compared with other over the counter products sold in hardware, It solves ago and actually what it promises with no need of strange equipment or a specialized firm:
– With just a short coats applied over the wetland to dry and dehydrate within days
– just two hands on the edges (or behind furniture) to remove any lingering mold for many months
– just a single hand on the wall surface for restoring smell of new and fresh the entire healing them home from pollution, smoke and bacteria.

And’ a very versatile liquid that can be applied when you have time and you can also keep for many years, always ready to solve any situation moisture only a few brushstrokes…

Attention, IgroDry is not a chemical product! There is in the world market a comparable product (except if made with the same technology), IgroDry therefore can not be compared with any other chemical having nomenclature or similar characteristics declared.You Um
It was


muri umidi– If you have a house with damp and cold walls
– if the cost of heating is increasingly burdensome
If the paintings sfarinano, detach and fall
If you see whitish efflorescence on walls
– If the plaster swell and fall periodically

if it smells feedback closed in the rooms and in the closets
If you have made works that have not led to results
if you've already thrown money in unnecessary restorations or worsening
if other commercial products do not they give you benefits
– if you seek fast and easy to apply alternative solutions…
we introduce a product with great performance.

And’ una vera World innovation, You will not find a similar product on the market!

  • Rimuove thermal bridges and mold
  • Seep ME dries damp walls
  • And’ simple to apply
  • It does not require workers specialized
  • It does not require any dusty and noisy work
  • No contract or estimate
  • You will be able to do everything yourself when you have time and no deadlines
  • After a few days you will see clearly from the results.
  • And’ efficacissimo, an innovative method that solves almost all masonry moisture problems.
  • And’ extremely comfortable in use, you just need a brush and a little’ of time on their hands.
  • It has no environmental impact and it is very suitable for DIY, for the ’ company and professional users.
  • It is not difficult and is recoverable will: the treatment will prove effective even if applied partially and subsequently completed.

And’ so safe and easy that a child can use it.

damp walls

idfogliaAnd’ an innovative healing, invented and manufactured in Italy, who treats damp walls or excessive humidity and removes fungi, muffe and salnitri. Does not create inconvenience to tenants and it does not require a dusty and expensive construction works.

idfogliaIgroDry is not a chemical product and does not contain solvents or silicone substances derived from or resins as a result does not belong to the common chemical supply chain commonly available on the market.

idfogliaAnd’ a provieniente produced by a modern line of research that flow on a new branch of medicine, in LENR and in renewable energies; all issues facing the environmental and health protection.

idfogliaAnd’ a product that brings wholesomeness to damp walls and eliminates mold in a few days without costly construction and invasive and without inconvenience or powders.

idfogliaAnd’ clear, colorless, odorless and non-toxic, is much more effective, durable and resolving of all the products up to now on the market.

idfogliaAnd’ highly stable, the product, when stored unopened and mild temperatures, It remains effective and active for over 2 years of opening the bottle.

Protect your family, heals your home from moisture and moldA Finnish study, published in theAmerican Journal of Epidemiology, It has shown that there is a strong risk increased allergies if you are in frequent contact with damp walls, mold or water damaged structures.
Aaution then tothe children: where there is moisture, also lurking are colds! See what the press says.



IgroDryecobioIgroDry is safe, high biological effectiveness for the treatment of damp walls or suffering from mold, by fungi and salnitri


ıdpolver theSpeaking before demolish salts or swell the plaster, the treatment does not generate dust or waste and is completed in a few days


IDeconomicoEven in severe cases, If you need large quantities of product, the total cost remains very competitive compared to the usual procedures


IDmuffeThe product contains no toxicity whatsoever, its action is entirely physiological mould as reset state that is hygroscopic of masonry


IDantibatteriReports to the state ideal wall, eliminates the stagnation of humidity and prevents the formation of bacterial colonies that proliferate on molds and fungi


IDantisaliHis great effectiveness against deep salts, it is clearly evident from the very first 48 hours from the application of the product


IDopereUnlike traditional treatments (even in severe cases), It is never necessary to remove the entire ’ plaster, but only the swollen areas


IDfacileApply with a brush on wetlands and directly above the painting, It passes after 48 hours, Remodeling is locally until completely dry


IDveloceNo treatment hitherto known moisture provides similar efficacy: the results are immediate and visible as early as Week


IDtecnologiaThe innovative production process guarantees the safety unique product in a fluid liquid, practically colorless, nontoxic and odorless

Why use IgroDry

IgroDry 2301 for efficiency and economy exceeds any other product on the market because …
– It offers total humidity solution with a single, secure and bio-ecological products
– It is non-polluting or malodorous and allows to intervene even in the presence of tenants
– totally heals and in depth all types of damp walls and moldy
– expels excessive salt concentrations and inhibits the internal salinity
– Restores the State sanitation of ’ environment with only a few days
– Healing the deteriorated plaster without having to demolish, replace or dispose
– allows test test non-invasive and repeatable in case you want to verify the effectiveness of the product
– provides an environment restored and looked more livable without fungal spores, molds and battèri…

Unlike traditional systems…

if they refer new plaster… It resolves only the moisture initially and, after a while, the problem returns as such. Work is still more expensive, creating dust, inconvenience to tenants and a lot of material to be disposed of.

where installing equipment and installations elettroosmotici… electric ones have very short life (by way of the electrodes that are consumed in the wall), electronic ones constantly emit radiofrequency, they cost a lot and take a long time to deliver the first results; very rarely they are inconclusive.

when installing false walls... offer a surface covering purely aesthetic and are patches that do not solve in any way the moisture masonry underlying problem (the health of the domestic problems remain unchanged and very precarious)*.

*) within a few months, those fake covers, applied to cover the wall deteriorated, they defile of mold and the rear moisture will increase the load fungal and bacterial in the interspaces; later they will penetrate everywhere spores dispersed in the environment inhabited… The return of the typical smell of damp cellar and will be the most obvious proof of bad work carried out; the inconvenience will become more apparent and difficult to solve, as it will no longer be possible to intervene in order to sanitize the wetland.

Try the most effective treatment and easy to apply on the market today, It is also ideal for the DIY and less experienced.

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