Shipping and tracking control


With this page we will give you some information about how you can monitor the status of your shipment with the corriere Bartolini BRT.

consignment trackingEach shipment is attributed a number of ’ Act ’ all data input in BRT said information system tracking code.
The tracking code is a unique code, unique progressive and composed two more letters 12 numeric characters that are associated with each package and each shipment; through this, the parcel is followed in every step.
In case of problems, of delays or missed contact information, It will be easy, for the customer, Figure out exactly where in the chain the parcel has already arrived.

Usually the package starts from the sender's address, passing through the hub to branch registration, goes to the sorting hub (in our case Civitanova Marche), passes for the arrival and destination address.

The tracking code for Bartolini is usually the type AAXXXXXXXXXXXX starts with AA followed by 12 digits and will be issued on request or if you serve to follow a particular shipment or slowing.
Using this code customers can request information on the status of shipments, both through the Internet and by contacting our customer service department by phone or to their area Bartolini.

Network verification (the simplest) go to the site and click the button TRACKING SHIPMENTS (you will find on the top right).


On the page that will open Enter the code of the neck to check in the middle section (Neck ID search reviews) on the field longer than defined in red Neck customer ID and press enter.
If the code was regularly posted with capital letters followed by numbers with no spaces There you will get the details of the expedition which refer to any problems.

For further information on delivery and adjustments, Please call the nearest branch to the recipient and agree on ways and timing of your choice.

For other blocking issues or stock contact our contact I authorize the release of the expedition.