Material which is obtained by cool a mixture of silicates of sodium and potassium with other compounds (Alumina, lime, etc.). The V. is fragile and usually transparent. Among the various types of V.:
Reinforced glass, is that where you insert “Armor” made of chrome-plated metal wires.
Laminated glass, consists of two or more sheets of V. alternate with transparent plastic sheets, glued together with cellulose acetate and pressed in autoclave; has the same uses of V. quenched, resists impact of a hard or soft body, or shoot a projectile.
Laminated glass, is composed, inserting between two sheets of V. a celluloid sheet or plexiglas or similar and glued together.
Safety glass, can be armed, glued laminated timber, laminate, quenched; the V. is required for certain applications.
Frosted glass, that's what lost the smoothness beneath the mechanical action of a jet of sand or the chemical action of sali corrosive substances; making it more translucent and non-transparent.
Tempered glass, It gets heated plates just below the softening temperature and cooled with air jets on both sides; getting a product resistant to bending. The slab a time hardened, cannot be cut, or you may be charged holes or notches.

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