IgroDry an innovative product

research2We are accustomed to believing that only large groups can boast of great products.
In truth, and history teaches us, more innovatitivi products originate from small research centres or individual inventors who carry out an intuition that firmly believe.

Starting from various research in low environmental impact solutions, non-polluting and minimum energy waste, has reached the goal of a substance almost miraculous protective, breathable and biorisanante specification for bricks and building materials.
You can apply for surface or brushing imbibition (hot also) and allows you to restore and protect a wide range of porous materials.

The substance is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-polluting and does not possess harmful content or prevenienti birds from fossil hydrocarbons, chemicals or Silicones.

And’ an innovative product distinctly biorisanante, preventive and protective specifically designed for moisture applications, antisali, find in Estonia and fungicide discovered and developed from the insights of a totally Italian research group and funding exclusively from private funds.

And’ an innovative product, safe and odorless which it can also be applied in DIY or by hobbyists. In the home already inhabited requires no special ventilation after use because it does not produce harmful emissions or odors.

The treatment you can treat as a normal painting and you will be able to assess the healing effect immediately, already shortly after the first drying.

For technical information commercial and by IgroDry® refer to This page.

In masonry consolidation use ’
the signed product 2301, infiltrates in porosity contaminating with the new molecule wet channels and capillaries, they expel water surface ’ (often in the form of bubbles like a hustle and bustle) and converts the salt content..
Its molecule, In addition to a powerful anti-mould fungicide, is a great salt disattivante. The ’ effect is immediate: in the hours after all application ’, IgroDry will expel (even in the form of filaments lanugginosi) the sali incorporated in masonry (the discharge amount will vary depending on the amount of product and infiltrated by the saturation saline present).


L ’ World Health Organization recommends by years a healthy environment and right to prevent igrometricamente diseases, allergies and asthma.

A rate of moisture correct is essential
Damp is nothing more than the amount of water present in the air at a given temperature. Too high or too low humidity may affect the respiratory system.
Inside the home, the temperature should remain at around 20-22° (C) with a humidity level around 40-60% in the case of people stopped at rest.
It is never advisable to dip below the 20% of moisture because the air becomes too dry and cause an excessively intense evaporation of bronchial mucosa causing further dryness in the Airways.
The best rule is to ventilate the premises regularly, creating frequent draughts and restore moist walls that cause strong scquilibri hygrometric interiors.

The table that follows is far too easy to understand just how narrow the area of wellbeing (Green), an area to which we should all aspire to our health.

The structure must do its part

You need to build houses according to the latest hygienic regulations, but it is important to verify the presence of cold air infiltration and the operation of air conditioners and heating systems.
To ensure a good and healthy air quality inside offices and homes, You should also check:
– technological elements of the building
– the construction materials
– the heating and air conditioning systems
– the furniture and furnishings in General
– floor coatings, wall and ceiling
– the products used for cleaning
– How to use the spaces
– the style of life and work

Throughout this, the 90% cases of damp environmental excesses depend on damp walls and lift from manufacturing defects of the ’ building.
Find the right remedies to these problems is rather difficult and expensive with traditional methods.
Only an innovative product like IgroDry, today, It is able to solve these problems without invasive interventions on building structures.


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Research on IgroDry® were produced, developed and funded by: Lomec Research Centre – Vicenza
The name and the logo IgroDry® is recorded from Lomec s.r.l. all rights on the ’ use and application is reserved.