What does IgroDry

What does igrodryTreating the real causes of’moisture Wall, not its symptoms

What does he do: the solution 2301 by IgroDry is an innovative and revolutionary product for the treatment of rising damp in buildings (of new and old building) the application of which requires no masonry: a real world revolution!

Product technology is based on the principle of converting the minerals on or off hygroscopic contained in the masonry and malte.

And’ a treatment that actually solves all problems related to the effects of moisture on walls from a new point of view to the problem and, Unlike other products on the market, aims to treat the real cause of the problem and not its symptoms.

The product, Despite being non-toxic, odourless and biodegradable, is a powerful broad spectrum healing water conditioner that reverts in a few hours the normal ph balance wall, la sua traspirabilità e lo stato hygroscopic ideale.

Allows quick biological recovery without using toxic substances, Neither silicone nor chemicals hazardous to health and the environment ’.


What it does and how it works

The particular electrical polarization of generated, facilitates the penetration of the product chasing back the path of brackish water ’.
In depth will be able to attack the sali incorporated into capillaries and deactivate harmful effects, allowing the expulsion of excess water and sterilization of masonry by bacteria, mushrooms and mold.

The product, apply with a brush, allows using:

1) powerful antisale When applied in abundance in very damp walls (usually placed on the lower floors and in contact with the ground or the foundations) ejects immediately salts solutes in humidity wall and converts those crystallized within its porosity.
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2) powerful anti-mould – fungicide When applied construction areas subject to condensation and poor ventilation (usually caused by vapors generated from domestic activities ’), Usually these bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. In these cases it is simply a quick treatment of one or two hands to purify totally polluted surface habitat, restoring the breathability compromised by years of accumulation.
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For a unique electrochemical principle, a time applied, the product you enter capillaries surviving totally replacing existing water.
The replacement process is also facilitated by the particular electrical polarization of the compound and by a kind of molecular contagion that converts the water contact in more complex product molecule.
The treatment is now irreversible and turns gradually to alternate phases of partial drying and revitalization (the times and ways vary depending on the medium used for the application), to obtain the complete capillary saturation of masonry with the new substance (the masonry responds with unmistakable signals confirming the complete capillary saturation).
From this point you simply let it dry for a few days and possibly resume the wall with stucco and ritinteggiare the common wall with good quality paint (drying time also depends on the relative humidity of the surrounding environment).

To speed up the drying process you can ventilate, heat or dehumidify.
The effectiveness of treatment is unlimited and does not require periodical maintenance unless new fessuarazioni due to seismic events, hydrogeological and mechanical.

fasitrattamentoThe electron microscope picture 150 enlargements show chronic state of a masonry suffering from rising damp (the left picture) follows the’imbibition due to the processing (Center picture) and then drying with a complete capillary consolidation (right picture). In this case the treatment is concluded with 2 applications (made of 2 consecutive hands of imbibition) applied by brush and separated by 12 hours. The need to clear out the environment has been reduced to a minimum, and was not needed any invasive and expensive construction work. Complete drying are not served further action beyond a simple painting with good quality paint.


the treatment restores the capillaries responsible for the humidity lifts and cleans up the bigger porosity, responsible for the natural transpiration walls
improves the thermal insulation of masonry by more than 60% (in case of excessively damp walls)
reduces thermal bridges in the areas of condensation of steam
does not generate fumes toxic or harmful to health or during or after treatment (You can continue to live in the environment while it is healing)
does not change the static characteristics of the building (Perhaps the strengthens)
does not generate odors
does not require any masonry work, for drilling, of screening of any kind
does not generate dust
does not require additional treatments maintenance or even after years of application
requires no specialized operators and can be applied by anyone even with luck (brush, common sprinklers, by painting rollers, sponges or other)
the product allows the repetition of the treatment even after years when it is not deep enough and effective State.
operation to complete all channeling capillaries of the treated areas will be totally freed by salt encrustations, fungi and molds, by residues of paints and smog.
the cost is very low because treatment, even when applied by a specialist, will have a cost comparable to a work of painting
does not require time or invasive treatment methods and intolerable for the inhabitants of the building
treatment may be applied both from inside and from outside of the building (If the objective difficulty of speech) using the techniques and procedures recommended by the manufacturer
You can Pretreat building components before laying without changing the static-functional characteristics brick and the compound applied does not affect the adherence of Malta.
Completed treatment:
to) the ambient humidity back in to normal values
(b)) the molds dry in a few days
(c)) the salnitri not come out more
(d)) heating costs are reduced by more than 30%
and) It improves the energy class of the building and then its value
(f)) in terms of health all inhabitants will benefit, especially the elderly and children who insist on much longer in humid conditions made more comfortable and warm now because it finally healed.


After a long period of intensive testing, There are problems of any kind or defects nor on treatment, nor on its effectiveness, nor on possible toxicity even after many years.
The only thing that ’ please report is that, in early versions of the product (no longer in vendta), the solution was to straw-yellow – very green and yellow could leave streaks on the most porous floors, on furnishings and clothes if you provided to protect them or wash them with abundant water.
Now the problem has been overcome and the solution for sale is virtually colorless, but you will notice a slight trend towards the heavenly if you transferred your product on a rather large transparent container.

Download the product brochure to understand what it does from here (in PDF).