IgroDry Mould

mouldBecause you have to know how to choose a good anti-mold

The ’ pollution produced by battèri, mold, fungi and yeasts, should never be underestimated. These micro-organisms can sometimes be lethal too in that arise, grow and grow very quickly, with exponential reproduction mechanisms.
The high volatility of spore (used to breed and inspired by our organism), can produce (even in healthy individuals) symptoms of irritation of the mucous membranes, watery eyes, runny nose, headaches, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, nausea, respiratory problems, Allergic Contact Dermatitis, skin secchezze and mood disorders.

To fully understand the mechanisms of the formation and proliferation of moulds should be clarified some concepts are responsible for the formation of condensation.
Is defined condensation the physical phenomenon whereby the water vapor passes gaseous state to the liquid and the amount of water vapour that the air can hold increases with increasing temperature.

Winter climatic conditions, where the temperatures are lower than internal ones, the water vapor condense on walls, curtains environmental side which usually are cooler. Not being almost never adequate disposal capacity of’moisture excessive, the walls reach saturation by water stagnation in the form of moist or patina of droplets.

Condensativi phenomena you can arise even in summer when warm moist air ’ an environment you go to deposit on surfaces colder walls. This, fast cooling, Download all the content of vapor in the form of droplets (condensation).

The alteration of the transmittance values walls can also be combined with accidental humidity obtained from other human activities:
– drying laundry out to dry
– plants and animals
– daily activities of household cleaning and personal hygiene
– sweating and respiration
– cooking vapors
– use of toilets

Still more prone to condense all those home environments where most concentrates water vapour as the bathroom, the kitchen and all those places where you stay continuously for many hours (bedrooms).

Water saturation on the surface which brings as a consequence the formation of bacterial colonies, mold, mushrooms and leaking salnitri.

The molds are the macroscopic manifestation of thousands of colonies of powdery-looking mushrooms, who have varied coloration that can go from red to yellow, to green, to blue or, for the most common, to black. Fungal colonies reproduce rapidly attecchendo where there are three essential conditions:
– a sufficient supply of moisture (Although alternating phases)
– food to feed
– poor ventilation

Molds and fungi are always poorly ventilated areas and are microorganisms that reproduce by spore producing mechanism, with release of spores. Initially not visible to the naked eye, the dangers of mold growth is due to the fact that some of them are capable of producing toxic substances for the human organism, such as mycotoxins is so dangerous to breathe the spores, they are frequent cause of respiratory and allergic phenomena.

These spores, When arrived at maturity, try to conquer the most acreage available and wander through the air until they are sufficiently moist surfaces to proliferate in a new site and re-create a colony.

Are extremely dangerous if inhaled by individuals with immune weakness (children, elderly, subjects in antibiotic therapy) but it is not uncommon to contract acute allergies from healthy subjects.

They can be found easily and quickly taking root both on natural surfaces (es. wood, Stone, the cement or the’plaster), that on synthetic ones as the plastic, the PVC, the resins and even the glasses. Common paintings, being organic based, are a good food for molds

always opt for a good anti-mold

Beyond those who are provisional and empirical methods of sanitizing (What bleach disinfection, superficial scrapes, applications of disinfectants-hand sanitizers), the work carried out more frequently is to liven up the moldy walls with new paintwork (even once or twice a year).

The problem is that the ignorant tenant relies on makeshift solution (recommended by hardware, the decorator or the Handyman on duty), with preliminary treatments made of various mixtures (called additives), but the result is always the same: mildew and stains occur shortly after or next season.

We do not cover mold with paintings

common acrylic mould or vinyl paints are not breathable and are almost always made from an organic base. This constitutes a valid nourishment for molds and reduce perspiration wall worsening even more the situation.
At each painting you go to lay an additional nutritional layer on which it flourishes and banchetta mold even better than before; It thus is constant power, then it grows, develops, It reproduces and…releases new spores.

To complete the cycle, the carcasses of these molds and fungi dead, are then broken down by bacterial overgrowth. There is then the exponential increase of bacteria in the air of the home environment that contributes to worse even more already compromised status; the classic musty smell, distinguishable as closed or smell cellar, It is the most blatant testimony.

Upon completion of these molds, If properly set up in an environment, they feed on everything organic will be in a normal House: food residue, poultry fat, flaking, natural fibres (lana, cotton, leather,…)  and it is not uncommon to see the early food ammuffimento (Although closed in the containers), of the refrigerator, of garments including, not excluding bags, footwear, sofas and curtains.

Not candeggiamo mold

The solution offering the chlorine-based products instead (practically all products on the market), I never risolutiviper many reasons.

First switch to chlorine-based products never kill the fungus in depth, However, the bleaching action of the product, makes us believe that the problem is solved

Another problem is the high salt content that contains the product which tends to increase the water retention of the masonry thereby increasing the state of health the fungus that is always well watered and humid.

Before you renovate a, think well

We not therefore continue to intrugliare with tempera, fixatives, anti-mold chlorine or chemicals of questionable efficacy: You must first sanitize the masonry restoring state hygroscopic breathable, then lower the standard of surface moisture.

IgroDry treatment restores optimal hygroscopic conditions, eliminating the stagnation of water; removed the ’ water molds to dry out naturally and are destroyed and the environment ’ healthy back and odour-free.


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