The story


We present one of the most interesting and innovative products ever invented to solve the most common problems in construction, an excellent substance suitable to restore the moisture and mold walls simply by applying it from the surface without the need for any demolition.

Although this statement may seem excessive, on these pages we will show that what we are saying is pure reality…


It all began in 2008, When, a small Italian research group, meet an entrepreneur interested in sharing and developing some very ambitious and innovative projects in the field of energy.

The group already had decades of studies and accomplishments, a great wealth of experience shared with eminent researchers and many prototypes already built and in operation.

It brings us to draw up a good partnership with the entrepreneur and ’ the group starts new adventure.

Spend a few months and, When it still lacks little to attain the goal of industrialization and marketing ’, the economic crisis is the most disruptive and burdensome and the lender feels compelled to have to speed up its time to get useful and tangible results soon in order to recoup the costs incurred.

But he knows, you can not be rushed to the research and scientific results they can not be forced or controlled…

This pressure was on the shoulders of ricercviene off an intuition that, in fact, it is then proven to be successful.

After some initial trials, We have noticed that the special molecule, use of this possibility in the production processes, He possessed some curious and very particular characteristics when applied in ferrous metals and porous materials.

They depart once all the checks and controls, They call out the experts and the best equipped Italian university laboratories to better understand what you had in your hand or that you had discovered.

After a few months we are notified that the properties already experienced by our observations are based and the product showed the peculiar properties even more interesting and unexpected; perhaps even higher performance than expected.

We begin then the necessary adjustment and, although initially the molecule showed a minimum of toxicity and some typical problems for the consumer trade, by reprogramming the special production process (invented by the same research team), It was able to refine it, preserving all the positive characteristics and by resetting the level of toxicity; if it has thus obtained a clear aqueous solution, totally unscented, colorless, absolutely non-toxic and bio-ecological.

Now close to the finish line, follow other 3 years of intensive testing, of adjustments and checks in the field and, at ’ the start of 2013, the molecule IgroDry enter uffcialmente on the market.

The rest is recent history.


More information on research and on IgroDry molecule are available on the website of the team of researchers.
Some practical feedback on product, tested and related to independent professionals, are available here.