The advantages of using IgroDry; an innovative and effective product

OkNo periodicity in the works
Many new customers remain undecided and unsure about the most suitable period to begin work and mistakenly believe that soil remediation must be necessarily done in warmer seasons or more warm.
In truth the consolidation process with IgroDry is still effective and durable in all weather conditions, works well when applied at low and high ambient temperatures and works equally well when applied under conditions of high or low moisture its.

DIY applications
Another frequent problem seems to come from an imaginary difficulties applying for a non-professional user. In fact we have found success on the results from all of the users that wanted to try and performed, also for the first time, with the use of a brush ’.
Who has never tried to paint an object? With IgroDry only serves minimum of dexterity that you acquired since the first minute application.

Free assistance, Tips and questions
We are frequently requested opinions on specific cases and make. ours Help Center remains available to clarify and give advice for free. And’ You can also inquire beforehand about the methods best suited to treat and solve any particular problem or.
The preferred route is the module Contacts that is precisely the problem described earlier, the typology of the building ’, the area and the treatment plan; You also have the option to attach a photo to better clarify the kind of problem.
Our technicians will check the conditions, the status of your muraturele and we will respond within 24 hours.

Doubts about how to proceed
In addition to the many information supplied by site, even for methods, the application process and doubts c ’ is its support for on-line assistance and that phone will respond and will help you to eliminate every problem or concern. Technicians will try to better understand your problem and will require a photo on the conditions of your case.

The product is never harmful
The product, However will be applied, will never cause any damage to walls, Neither the furnishings, nor to people or things that will even accidental contact (always consult the technical data sheet before using this product).  Being non-toxic, odorless and colorless, non-staining, screen not, does not leave haze or residue that may damage any object. The main rule is then only one: more product will penetrate into the wall and the better the results whether it's mold, of moisture or salnitri.  What will be to optimise instead (for the purposes of economic savings), is the right amount to be applied, that allows to obtain the best results (and in the duration) with a minimum of waste.

Cost effectiveness and speed of treatment
Although the product is quite expensive, the overall savings that it allows is among the highest ever. We try to assess contributing factors.
Total absence of hand d ’ professional work  (the work you can do yourself, If you have the ability)
Total absence of dust and pollutants in the environment (the treatment does not require any demolition)
Possibility of applying the product according to our availability of time (I have never requested the intervention time)
It is never necessary to the removal of tenant ’ ’ (the product is non-toxic, It does not emit odors and doesn't require special precautions)
You do not need any preparation of the wall either before or after treatment
Very free treatment sequence (You can apply several coats even after months without foreclosing the ’ effectiveness of treatment)
You don't need new paint at the end of the process (but parts of already damaged plaster or predistaccati)
No dilution or to calculate dosage and the product never expires
Rapid results that show in a few weeks
Reliable and durable results for a long time (with the possibility of repeating the treatment only in spots that are not well treated)
Ease of purchase and shipping quickly with our shop (serve as 2 to 3 working days in Italy to receive the goods, an extra day to the Islands)
Totally environmentally friendly and biodegradable  (Although it does not produce direct savings, preserve the environment ’ is the gain of all)

Comparisons with other healing techniques

We will now analyze what are the actual benefits and the faults of the most common moisture treatments compared with the definitive method done with IgroDry

Why use IgroDry instead of a plaster macroporous

For treatments macroporous plaster imposes several important cost items:

resetThe cost of demolition and restoration
And’ a voice that varies from situation to situation and depends on the size of the surface affected by problem. And’ However a very costly practice because it requires a lot of hand d ’ for opera:
– demolition of the ammalorato or plaster rotten ’
– disposal according to law of the material stone industry demolished
– additional antisali or riosananti treatments
– new plaster restore
– the cost of equipment

ripristino1Human cost and personnel
And’ the voice of labour costs, as we all know, It is the most costly ever, but this also includes:
– the salary to be paid to personnel
– the days of hardship that are tenants of the House ’ that you are dealing with
– recovery days, of riasciugatura and cleansing as a result of work carried out

idCantidCant2idTossicIn addition This type of treatment doesn't solve the humidity lifts ’, but simply to avoid splitting the plaster until you again satureranno sali (In addition, the chemical antisali are highly toxic and slightly durable).
The procedure also requires a real construction site inclusive of noises, resulting products and powders.


Why use IgroDry instead ofactive and passive lettroosmosi

elettroosmoAre of electrodes be applied along the masonry and require complex application works, also have very long response times and don't always work on walls with high salt content, requires continuous maintenance to keep the electrodes and efficiency have a high cost of installation and monitoring.
Positive effects can be seen after about a year from ’ installation. Cathode immersed systems also goes to generate a form of idTossicIonic migration (for electrolytic effect) that tends to divide up the electrodes applied to the internal brick-’, making a serious pollution by heavy metals and then the block of ’ system efficiency (If the electrodes will not be dissolved again restored with new elements).


Why use IgroDry instead ofRF lettroosmosi

radiofreqAnd’ a your system It promises to limit the effects of rising damp from masonry basement plans with the appropriate emission ’ radio frequencies, don't always work (and even more rarely on walls with high salt content as a stranger to problematic or not taken into sufficient account). L’appliance It is very expensive and although does not require subsequent maintenance details, you need a thorough and costly structural analysis at the time of installation ’ (that must be done by specialized personnel). The effects (If there will be) you begin to see after 2-3 years from the installation ’.

IDRFRadio frequency systems should be assessed the impact ’ of electromagnetic fields on health and the actual ’ effectiveness in cases of very thick walls typical in historic buildings.

Both methods work only in some cases (in the simplest) is not guaranteed and the duration of the applied plant ’.


Why use IgroDry instead of tgarlic a chemical barrier

resinsThe system, also called saturation of resins, is a application of complex method and dangerous because many contiguous holes and placed horizontally above the foundations, undermine the stability of the building ’ and are now considered outside the law in seismic zones openly (even mild level of). They are also toxic, smelly, and very expensive; require a high cost even for the ’ application of large quantities of product that poisons the masonry with highly toxic and volatile content such that they continue to spread in the environment ’ inhabited for many years (the toxic contents are easily verifiable by ’ label on the product).

idTossicidTossic2The system would be effective because the open porosity of the walls are totally occluded with sealing products blocking the upwelling of water ’, but does not solve by anthropic humidity ’ that would be imprisoned over the new waterproof barrier. The products injected into the walls remain highly toxic and smelly for months and months.


Perch & eacute; IgroDry use instead of antiumidit & agrave cartridges;


And’ a rather old method and has long abandoned which was introduced at the beginning of & lsquo; 900 and consisted in the practice of closely spaced and sequential aeration holes horizontally in the wall.
The pi & ugrave version; recent, rediscovered by some genius, It consists in & rsquo; apply a plastic profile with a surface cap gi & agrave finish; ready (packaged in packs) Pressure to insert after the performed drilling.
A patent fruitless because & eacute; It promises great expectations, but poor and ephemeral results.
The promises of an efficient and guaranteed air exchange, They collide with the harsh reality & agrave; of physical. The amazing improvements are obtained for a very short time and then the effects are lost among insects that will go to nest. There are also several practical issues demonstrating its ineffectiveness gi & agrave; the bud.

cartsali the forum saturates quickly crystals due to & rsquo; evaporation of & rsquo; saline water ski that will go to obstruct and block the system. In truth, all & rsquo; beginning, the wall really starts to dry, but then are the salt crystals that go to clog the hole with a waterproof layer that bloccher & agrave; totally l & rsquo; evaporation and everything will return & agrave; like before. Incidentally, pi & ugrave; & agrave will wipe the system; quickly and more & ugrave; sar & agrave; Fast l & rsquo; obstruction of evaporation walls of the hole (however, let's talk about a few months).

meterrmethod of application & egrave; clearly wrong in that, as can be seen from the diagram, the drainage of & rsquo; moist air seems facilitated by gravity & agrave;, but & egrave; instead known that l & rsquo; & egrave moist air; pi & ugrave; lighter than the dry and then the Cartridge should be mounted upside down (what & egrave; with the hole facing & rsquo; high) ma in tal caso penetrebbe con più facilità la pioggia, which would bring further deterioration to the wall.

collapsessequential holes, a reduced distance, weaken the building structure and & egrave; highly dangerous for the stability & agrave; of buildings in earthquake zones.
And’ a method so as to avoid, often recommended by the undertakings concerned (or by inexperienced retailers) who want to offer a temporary solution and at low cost, completely ignoring the future.


Why a treatment with IgroDry

The treatment is completely safe and innovative, fast, eco-friendly, efficient, advantageous and fast
The ’ application is required only:
– a brush
– a person some’ practice

In addition to the undeniable advantages, It applies with ease & agrave; and it does not require specialized personnel (except for specific cases and details)

In addition:
– is economical
– non-toxic
– non-polluting
– environmentally friendly and biodegradable 100%
– does not contain chemicals, toxic or, Neither harmful, Neither birds
– the first results can be seen already from the first 48 hours after treatment and normally, in a week, the masonry is being modernised
– is a powerful antisali that heals and restores the original masonry breathability without need for additional treatments

Those interested can also browse reviews from experts on our blog (News menu)

… Now the final quiz

As seen above, What will be the fastest treatment, effective, cheap, safe and ecological?

idEcoidfogliaFinally we show the ’ official label of our product that we'd like to crop eradication with the most famous and recognized products on the market.

Note in particular:
– Bio-ecological product
– No hazard or reporting of pollution
– features of total biodegradability, that is equal to 100%
– the product can be stored for over 10 years without losing the characteristics

You can see that even a glass cleaner is far more dangerous than IgroDry!




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