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The sale of our products in Italy and & rsquo; 's is primarily with our auto shop from & rsquo; simple and intuitive use.

The orders are promptly processed the same day if they are received within 13:00 (weekdays).


work with usYou have a very small smattering in sales?

We offer throughout Italy, a serious and interesting job opportunities.

The work consists in promoting and selling the products exposed in this portal.

We Select: companies started, businesses and new entrepreneurs, interested in production, the ’ application and the sale of this new interesting product.

IgroDry is the best existing commercially available method to treat and rehabilitate quickly and without masonry moisture on the walls ’ l.

And’ ecological compound and odorless highly effective and safe for your health.



Starting from our existing sales network:
We offer interesting opportunities of independent entrepreneurship. Start now
We work from home (for webmasters) becoming a promoter
– We offer you an exclusive sales area becoming a dealer or applicator
You svincoliamo service to the client
We offer promotional resources suitable or help to develop new According to your tastes
We provide the graphics and tools for mailing list and promotional sales
We guarantee absolute seriousness (countersigned by regular cooperation agreement)

Calculate your potential market that might have IgroDry in your area


For further information and clarification contact us and communicates:

– your age (need to be of legal age)
– your recent photo
– your qualifications
– your residence and the marketing area you're interested in

also recommended are in order of importance (but not mandatory.)*
– possession of driving licence
– the possession of an internet line
– possession of Vat (possibly also later)

*) the latest recommended points facilitate greatly the performance of work and payment of fees.

The work will be done in groups of friends or more good people provided well organized.