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You want to expand your business to the richest market of remedial measures, conservative or restorations of edilzio recovery, Today there is an exclusive product and totally new.

And’ eco-friendly, effective, easy application and high technology and is designed just for you.

Today restore the walls from moisture with ease and ’ with IgroDry is a breeze.

– If you're a painter, building Restorer or trimmer
– If you're a young, temporarily jobless or waiting for first use
– If you are a professional renovator that does not find satisfactory the technology used so far

From today
– There must be more to demolish and redo plaster walls with special mortars
– It is no longer necessary to clear out tenants
– you don't need special equipment not
because today just a brush and IgroDry

You can restore a bricked within hours, without having to demolish and leaving no residue to dispose of construction.

And’ the effective solution against the ’ moisture in the masonry
And’ the ideal product for restore definitely the homes cheaply
And’ the best and easiest application to solve a problem so widespread

The product is very effective and it works on all types of walls as long as they have not been treated with waterproofing, enamels, fixatives or antiperspirants. In these cases need remove waterproof layer in advance in order to penetrate the healing product.

If you are interested to try this new and promising business adventure, We offer, In addition to the product, also advantageous and exclusive agreements such that you can get started right away and with good profit.

For ’ financial commitment, You can now also take advantage of an interesting microcredit for innovative SMEs, an opportunity brought by movement 5 Stars. Here you can find all the information and here a explanatory movie.

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If you are instead interested in a more integrated role with us, with more advantageous agreements on supplies and resale opportunities, read what we've reserved for you.

SheetYou will also find a handy and easy adjustable income statement (on online spreadsheet divided by provinces) that will allow you to estimate the amount of work that you could expect from your area.

A simple and up-to-date system that will allow you to program with caution and safety your chances of success and your future.

On this page you will find the technical details and the ’ detailed use instructions for use the spreadsheet.