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termobilIn carrying out activities of applicator, Although essential equipment they serve really little, We recommend a minimum of electronic instrumentation to assess environmental State on which you will have to intervene and theoretical training in order to be able to recognize and intervene with precision on the problems that may arise.

What usually serves in ’ applicator activities, is the General environmental state detection from humidity and wall ’, thermal bridges, the General likelihood of potential or future cases of fungal proliferation, stagnant water and saline leakage.

Before you can treat then would (or would very handy):
– detect the state environmental termigrometrico to understand where or what may come in the hygrothermal anomalies environmental analysis
– measured in detail and accurately the moisture content of the walls to heal the sunshine areas affected by problems
– It can detect dew point to predict the most likely points of damp and avoid accumulation points of establishment of molds.

This is why we propose the measurement equipment and diagnostic that a serious applicator should have to perform the work with consciousness and knowledge (obviously not all the listed equipment is required ’, in certain cases it is sufficient a good multifunction meter in dielectric and / or microwave and a thermohygrometer).

In figure above is reproduced a sophisticated dry weighing system for the measurement of absolute humidity (Gravimetric), Unit very expensive and usually, in this field, It is used to detect the amount of water embedded in the masonry, the measure is still very slow, invasive and there is almost never in ’ common use of an applicator.

Carbide measuring
TestCarburoIt is used to determine the moisture content in building materials and offers optimum measuring precision.

And’ a highly popular and recognized method used for determination of soil moisture ’, in fresh concrete, in aggregates and other building materials. The method, along with the gravimetric system a Thermobalance (already shown in figure above), is recognized by leading world standards.
Both offer the safest methods of measurement and certified to carry out direct and conclusive evidence to indicate the content of water in a given volume of solid.

The so-called carbide method, is to react the free humidity ’, in the sample, with the calcium carbide in the reagent producing a gas (acetylene). The ’ increased pressure got all ’ within the test container is proportional to the amount of ’ water in it initially contained and is measured by a pressure gauge (electronic also) as a percentage of humidity present in the sample. The degree is offered precision das systems, especially professional ones, typically reaches the 0,1%.
The measure is relatively quick, but it requires an invasive sampling process material you can test.

Dielectric meter

T660 And a detector that has a spherical probe and allows to detect with extreme speed moisture status of superficial and medium depth (up to 4-6 mm) very suitable for anti-mould treatments and treatments marked. Has against that in the presence of salt content important reading is not reliable and notes contained excessive moist and not satisfying.

The cheapest product signed BM30 (BM3x or subsequent) It is much more compact and practical and offers good stability:

The most reliable product is signed T650 (T6x0 or subsequent) offers more advanced features and higher accuracy and stability.

Electrode Tester

T510And a detector that measures by means of two electrodes and allows to detect with decent speed surface moisture status although used, is not suitable for the walls in that invasive and electrode penetration required for a reliable measurement. Has against that in the presence of salt content important reading is not reliable, Noting excessive moist and content not conforming to the true.

Of these we can indicate the BM15 and BM20 both very cheap and the T500 (and later T5x0) more reliable and stable.

Microwave meter

T610And’ an interesting product among the cheapest on the market today. It has against a purchase price still important, but it allows for a shallow depth of detection of the wet content in the masonry; It is noninvasive and fairly accurate, stable, deep and safe (up to 300 mm). Generally, the measurement is not distorted by salt content dispersed by the type of material or any dissolved metal oxides still requires some precautions.
Can replace fine old evaporative weighing systems known to date.
The T600 model (and later T6x0) offers many advanced features including threshold detection, massimo, minimum and alarm for excessive content.


Dew point detector
bp25A treat that can help us (and a service to offer the customer), could it be the dew point detection and thermal bridges critics, This screening helps to predict the possible points of condensation and prevent the attack of mold and fungal loads applying IgroDry in advance.
The pyrometer BP25, very low cost, you voted for this use and has all the functions for the prediction and detection of the much feared dew point.


ec060By the still high costs are instead cataloged IR cameras that, similarly to a normal camcorder, allow a false-color display and real-time infrared forehead (including indication of surface temperatures). Now even if they're by lowering costs, and although these tools allow a much more complete visual monitoring, we do not believe that at the moment can still be amalgamated in our common work tools within research or critical heat loss due to thermal bridges and condensation.





ProtimeterMMS2minWe list, for your information, a flagship product and the highest performances, measuring humidity in the masonry industry. And’ il Protimeter BLD8800 MMS2 della General Electric. Its compactness and completeness (combining well 4 instruments in one), with its great precision, make this instrument the undisputed leader in the field of masonry moisture measurement. point to the disadvantage is the high costs that roam far beyond the 1000 € Also depending on the accessories and implementations required.



A good reference text
CopertinaGuerraTheoretical training is, Besides a good experience, even the good information you can find on this site (especially to the section News).

For the more interested and curious to know, also recommend a good text, written by Edgardo Pinto War, one of the most distinguished experts on issues concerning the wall moisture ’ in historical buildings and modern.

Moisture as a symptom and not a cause of the disease. With this fitting metaphor, the author reveals the misunderstanding that has been handed down for years about the damage found on plaster and masonry in the presence of water ingress.
After over thirty years of experience in designing, construction and practice of deepening the theme, Edgardo Pinto war is able to expose the most difficult topics so informative, making them easily understandable even for those who have never dealt with the matter.

The volume is, from a completely new point of view, the issues related to the effects of moisture on the walls ’, by placing the center of ’ analysis, the real cause of the problem: the ’ action of soluble salts carried by water seeping through the walls and not all water ’ itself (the same methodology of rehabilitation that offers IgroDry).
The author ’ has an important practical objective in respect of architects, engineers, Surveyors, designers, businessmen and contractors to help them frame the moisture problem to critically evaluate technical and commercial proposals more recently in vogue, in the interest of ’ art ’, buildings and works of our heritage, in order to put them in a position to make more informed choices, do not treat (evil) false causes of moisture that the customary commercial practice imposes.
The text is divided into three parts:
– the first, with references to historic buildings, analyzes the processes that bring salts to penetrate inside the walls and its damages caused by them;
– the second, passing in review the advantages and disadvantages of each intervention methodology to date implemented to deal with the problem;
– the third, that is a ’ in-depth technical appendix of terms and basics of claimants in the matter.

The book, titrated Rehabilitation of degraded humid walls, can be purchased directly from site of the Publisher ’.
A preview of the content ’ can be viewed by clicking on this link, to purchase a hard copy (or e-book format), just click on any ’ page preview and you will be directed to the purchasing module.


Let's finally technical space (below) operators to comment and give advice on the topic ’ Recalling that each contractor may use the instrumentation that prefers to make type and this article is nothing more than a selfless display aimed at those who do not know where or who to contact.