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The distribution for the & rsquo; Italy and the world of our products & egrave; mainly carried out with our auto shop from & rsquo; simple and intuitive use.

The orders are promptly processed the same day if they are received within 13:00 (weekdays).


webmasterIf you are a webmaster and you have a website or you own domains or social well frequented pages, You'll earn with us advertise our products.

We offer a Affiliate program offering good earnings on sales generated by our Affiliate banner without cost.

Promoting our exclusive products c ’ is a very profitable opportunities for our affiliates.


Benefits to the affiliate:
– The commissions 5% on sales generated (and go to fruition)
Personal support for your questions and your doubts
– Promotional material is always new and quality
– A detailed control system and statistics that will help you understand which area of your pages is best suited and will get you more money.

How to get started:
Register now as an affiliate (and wait for our approval)
Select products and advertising materials in the formats you want to
Preleva banners best suited to your site (for size and color)
– Copy and paste the html code into your website in your most visible pages.
– Spread more than you can the product to get good commissions.

Toverai affiliate platform and advertising banners in various formats to easily embed on your site, promote the products IgroDry

These formats available and most popular: 120×600 | 150×150 | 160×600 | 300×250 | 468×60 | 728×90

Take advantage of an innovative product and strong growth to make it known among your visitors, you will receive a fee proportional to the ’ and amount sold.

You can even create a network of webmasters and you will earn a percentage of the revenues from the latter.

IgroDry offers excellent and undisputed results in terms of safety, Ecology and ease of application.
As a simple water painting, the compound permanently removes all causes of moisture from walls.
Resolves water ingress, Salt build-up, molds and fungi with a few steps with a brush.
Does not contain silicone or substances derived from petroleum products.
It gives off odors and is not dangerous for health.
The product is already in great demand with hundreds of reservations, is very attractive to the public because it can also be applied alone.
In these months is starting to sell and spread throughout the Italian territory, So who first proposes, first sells more and earn!

And’ a simple system, practical and transparent to increase your economic income.

Do not ask for VAT and all of legal age can embark on this promising business. If you have any web pages or spaces followed, well placed profiles on social networks, You can insert some of our banners and promote them by adding your comments and your good advice on the product.
You will be recognized a fixed compensation equal to 5% purchases generated by you without any deduction (fiscal management will lie to you according to the laws in force).

Some accounts:
Keep in mind that an average treatment with IgroDry, for a House with moisture, may take a charge (in product) oscillating between the 300 and 2000 € and you could earn by 15 to 100 € for every buyer without null ’ nothing but promote the product and notify your friends or readers.
Find out about special features on these pages and won't be found unprepared by whom, concerning, will ask you for information!

Basically you just 5 purchases per month to generate an interesting take at your finances and… humid houses, in Italy, There are plenty of, even new construction.

Why not try?


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