Green roofs to save: put the green on your roof

green roofsWe speak of the project of Habitami green roofs; is an initiative promoted by Legambiente and other partners, with the patronage of the municipality of Milan, that has put together a group of companies and professionals active in the field of energy requalification, with the aim of giving answers and propose advantageous solutions to less virtuous placements on energy and consumption plan.

A journey through placements in Milan, analyzed the area by area, in order to help them save energy by increasing the aesthetic value, commercial and functional.

The ’ Harpo Group (a company ’ triestina) with its Verdepensile Division, like many other, immediately joined the initiative green roofs because they know that a garden or a vegetable garden on roof You can save up to 30% of energy, not to mention an interesting aesthetic level gain.
C ’ is indeed the possibility to take advantage of the recent decision of the Minister of the environment to provide for tax cuts until 65% cost and installation of green roofs.

But look at why it's always convenient to choose to install green roofs.

tettoverde3With the exception of mountain areas, whose roofs are sloped and therefore generally less suitable, for a condo or a house isolated fitted with flat roof, the benefits of green roofs are manifold:
Cool in summer and warm in winter now:
The green roof is ideal to maintain pleasant temperatures in every season. Summer temperatures promote the spontaneous output of heat through the roof from early morning until late at night with pleasantly fresher environments without the need for any additional energy.
In winter you are more warm because the Green and soil layer increases the thermal mass of the roof approximately 10% helping to hold for longer the internal heat.

Interesting energy saving:
Energy saving, obtained after the application of green roofs, can reach more than 30% without the need for any additional technological installations, with lower annual maintenance and / or repairs.

Less maintenance and roof lasts longer:
Contrary to what you might think, a roof garden (green roofs) placed over the existing waterproofing, It does last longer waterproof coat because it is protected from daily temperature, by Frost, from UV rays and any possible mechanical damage caused by adverse weather events or treads..

More beautiful and livable:
The costs of green roofs are fairly low and can be treated as a new cover, then considering the tax benefits offered, It may find it beneficial.
Serve approximately 70 euros per square meter to make only green lawn, between 100 and 120 euros per square meter to enter green lawn and small plants, about 200 euros per square meter for green lawn and shrubs.
The average expenditure for a condo will be around 30 thousand euros and with tax deductions you can get at half the cost.
Are not considered here the practical advantages if, in this project, It provided a space to be dedicated to horticulture and for each occupant, In this case, the economic advantages are combined with the wholesomeness of being able to grow their own vegetables in Home and to its pastime that everyone could spend in complete autonomy your green thumb.

Improvement of microclimate with reduced emissions of carbon dioxide due to heating saved beyond that subtracted from cultivated plants.

Prevention of flooding for an improved and adjusted water retention that can touch the peaks 70-90% resulting in a reduction of the load on the network by channelling of waste water ’ making it even passable road of stormwater reuse for irrigation purposes (After retrieving and filtering).

Noise protection through less reflection and more soundproofing Summit surfaces.

Positive influence on the climate Interior treated with this system.

vegetable gardenSocial effects Why keep a vegetable garden to care, cultivating and seed has now proven that improves and extends the life.
Single people, stressed out from work, elderly or pensioners need a hobby to practice in peace and tranquility close to their home…
Finally, the beauty of being able to eat a fresh salad, an eggplant or a tomato and cultivated by us and read directly to the source (as a commercial), is priceless!