IgroDry 2301 5 Lt (2 vials)

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671,00  Transportation costs excluded

https://www.igrodry.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/IDBravo.jpgThe amount from 5 litres is normally acquired by private individuals for solving damp lifts small extension or anti-mould treatment rather large.
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IgroDry double bottle from 2,5 litres total 5 litres

You're buying the most innovative and revolutionary product ever invented for the care of ’ humidity wall and moulds, congratulations!

And’ can purchase at a discounted price * one of two vials for use test. Those interested can apply on this form.
*)L & rsquo; offer will be granted until 31 March 2016, only for the first bottle and can not memorize options be repeated.

IgroDry is an innovative product completely biodegradable waterborne who infiltrates in porosity and permanently solves the problems of moisture in the masonry, ejects the salnitri, it contrasts the reformation and interrupts the dell ’ lifts moisture healing environments and the walls. And’ also effective against molds.

All chemical test, and toxicological confirm the absolute non toxicity and product safety. Does not generate toxic or malodorous fumes in the use (even during or after treatment) offering a total confidence in domestic environments inhabited and in the presence of people or animals.
The compound IgroDry, in the permitted uses, is totally safe.

It is highly ecological

It is a non-toxic product, totally environmentally friendly and not harmful to health.
The substance is a special modified water produced by a special production equipment that does not require the addition of any other chemical or agent.

It is highly effective

The product does not require any special preparation of the materials to be treated (with the exception of the detached parts removal or encrusted from humidity and previously sealed areas with previous treatments).

For more product information visit the pages:
Presentation of the product
What is IgroDry
What does IgroDry
How to use IgroDry
Also available are the instruction sheet, the presentation brochure, the technical data sheet, the opinions of installers and the technical reports, drawn up by independent professionals, inclusive of pics or movies


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Weight 5 kg

1 review for IgroDry 2301 5 Lt (2 vials)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great product, I changed my life! With the small children I always hung out clothes and sometimes even at home. The mold had taken over and I didn't know what to do. I had tried everything but after a few weeks returned stronger than before.
    I was now convinced to change home but then I found this product on the internet and really solved.

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