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Infrared camera very economical and very versatile, for professional use and for thermal testing in many technical areas.

The tool is always tested and verified prior to shipment.

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An infrared camera is a coveted device diagnostics usually very expensive, we propose one at a price rather advantageous that provides good characteristics and excellent practicality to the expert of restoration.

Its resolution is sufficient for many applications and makes this infrared camera, a very important aid for the immediate detection of thermal bridges and critical zones affected by moisture and heat losses.

With its 3600 measuring points contemporary (repeated 8 times per second), This infrared camera radiometric, It is able to reconstruct and measure (with precision to the tenth of a degree) the front temico that is framed on its color LCD screen.

With the ability to overlay the front heat all'imagine visible (to 5 levels), It allows to locate and recognize with ease and precision the points to be treated and mark them for intervention or repair.


And’ an infrared camera much cheaper than the big brands, but that helps the practitioner in inspections and greatly facilitates the work of diagnostics without necessarily having to invest thousands of Euros.

Each infrared camera is, as per our policy, tested and proven on-site and checked thoroughly in all the functionality before shipment.

Note that inventories are not large and the product may not be available immediately
– The sending may delay a few days according to the availability.
– Prices may vary without notice, but we guarantee, customers who have complete the entire purchase stage (and its transaction within 3 following days), has guaranteed the purchase price confirmed at the time of the order without retouching.

Technical characteristics:

Display: 2.4 inch color display
Resolution: 60 x 60 pixel
Total Pixel (measuring points): 3600
Focal length: 20°× 20 °
Thermal sensitivity: 0.15 ° C
Measurement mode: temperature measurement infrared focal plane
Temperature range:-20 ° C +300 ° C (-4 °F+572 °F)
Measuring accuracy: ± 2 ° C
Wavelength: 8-14 micron
Frequency of detection: 8 hz
Emissività: 0.1-1.0 adjustable
Focus: Fixed
Palette: cool colors, arcobaleno, black and white
Image Storage: SD card (max 32 Gb)
Formato file: jpg
Control Set: unit & agrave; Adjustment / language / time format date / sleep
Battery Type: 4x AA alkaline battery (duration 6 continuous hours)
Adapter voltage: dv 5 v output
Storage temperature: +40 ° C -70 ° C
Moisture: <90% rh
Shock resistance: max 2g, IEC60068-2-6
Drop resistant: 2 m
Dimensions: 230 × 80 × 52mm
Weight: 410g
Shooting distance (for best effect): 0.5 m – 1.3 m


Infrared thermal imagingInfrared thermal imaging

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 230 × 80 × 52 mm

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    The unit is a good product and very practical, I'm only sorry I bought it at a much higher price! Sin, know before, I would have turned to you!

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