The sale of our products in Italy and & rsquo; 's is primarily with our auto shop from & rsquo; simple and intuitive use.

The orders are promptly processed the same day if they are received within 13:00 (weekdays).





The contact person for the ’ Italy, for web and free zones is the company InPress. For any information of technical and commercial character, you can contact us via This form. More information about the location and contact details, are available on This page.



L & rsquo; list of provincial distributors (for marketing localized), & Egrave; being finalized. As the interested parties will be confirmed and will have drawn up a regular contract, They will be linked and localized according to the territorial map.

Those interested in becoming applicators and/or retailers in provinces free can still contact us or inquire via the instructions in This page.


To consult the interactive map:
1) go to the region to show the tooltip with basic references
2) Click to enter the regional page and view more information, details, references and maps of individual resellers.