Dealers and applicators for the Italy ’


The technical contact, responsible for web and e-commerce for Italy is:
InpressInnoE InPress. Rossi co 101 Services
via F. Ferranti, 4 – 62027 San Severino M. (MC)
Tel. 0733 645827 –
P.IVA 01203510431 REA MC-123253


elviofoto2minElvio Rossi is available to inform and give technical advice on the product and distribution.
He responds to the numbers 0733 645827 (the 338 3017878) every day except Monday during the hours:
by 9:00 at 13:00
by 16:00 at 20:00
can be contacted through email box.

For those arriving in person, can view the map with driving directions



The sale of our products in Italy and & rsquo; 's is primarily with our auto shop from & rsquo; simple and intuitive use.

The orders are promptly processed the same day if they are received within 13:00 (weekdays).