chemical cuts pros and cons, but there is an alternative?

chemical cutsWe return to speak of chemical cuts, are anti methods moisture still very applied and quite widespread in Italy.
Although we have already & agrave; He spoke in a previous article of 14 February 2014, Now we go to investigate the possible problems in view of the new trends European regulations.

Speaking of chemical cuts, we talk about treatments consisting in & rsquo; technically isolate the wall of & rsquo; raised from the foundation wall (usually & egrave; pi & ugrave; wet) with different methods of realization but still very invasive and expensive.

Basically there are two methods, converging in the effects, which are technically called the physical and chemical cutting of shear walls. Commercially they may have different names (perhaps with the & rsquo; intent to make them more & ugrave; acceptable to the customer less noticed).

Then we hear of chemical injections, weirs (chemical or physical), of injections resins, chemical or physical barriers, waterproofing (or impregnature) wall, of chemical or mechanical treatments; but as we said, I am always the same techniques that can be traced back to two: the physical cutting and chemical cut.

physical cuts
And’ a technique that is fortunately entering into disuse and applies cutting literally and physically l & rsquo; entire building at the base by interposing on the point of the cutting plates and / or of the mortars in order to isolate the wall raised from foundations.

And’ a forbidden method in earthquake zones because & eacute; weakens (and sometimes dissesta) l & rsquo; entire wall structure compromising the stability & agrave; and safety of those who live there and who & egrave; around.

This method & egrave; now it deprecated and strongly discouraged even in areas with limited seismic risk, because l & rsquo; building cos & igrave; treated loses any form of security guarantee that the manufacturer and the designer have to provide mandatory for many years to come.

European legislation also is moving towards the & rsquo; obligation of restoring stability & agrave; Structural compromised with additional works of reconsolidation (usually very costly) which could weigh on those who have done the work or even on the same commission.

chemical cuts
And’ a very popular technique and apply blowing pressure chemicals or natural fall through a series of consecutive holes at the level of & rsquo; closeup.

such substances, usually very fluid, They tend to impregnate the depth & agrave; of masonry and create an impermeable layer block that should prevent damp rising.

This technique tends to destabilize the structure (albeit in a less accentuated) because the continuity & agrave; of consecutive holes allows a more & ugrave; easy structural spinning and a preferential area of ​​breaking and cutting.

Bench & eacute; drilling is closed and restored at the end works, is not serious; never certain that this weakening is cured with simple mortars stuck to the least worst of a now isolated from the area & rsquo; chemical action of the barrier.

Even l & rsquo; effectiveness of the treatment could be questioned when the difference in the density & agrave; wall with alloying elements or the voids and the interiors filled, do not guarantee almost never a uniformity & agrave; the thickness of the layers to be obtained, also it seems that just the most & ugrave areas; wetlands are the most & ugrave; reluctant to receive the product that should cure the problem itself.

thus leaving out the process of the physical cut that is divesting to the structural problems gi & agrave; cited, It serves now ask yourself a number of questions on alternative chemical method.

Bench & eacute; lauded (obviously) by sellers and the applicators as the best method and more & ugrave; sure, It would be to evaluate some points usually omitted in the commission contract.

In particular:
– what are the actual risks after such treatment?
– we guarantee that you can restore the stability & agrave; Original dell & rsquo; building?
– what would be the side effects of the substances placed in the masonry?
– What if these substances, in a future, They resulted harmful to health?
– sar & agrave; then you can later remove all the impregnated material inside the walls?

Pi & ugrave; Simply we are certain you want to create irreversible damage and pollute our walls with substances that then in the future we no longer & ugrave; remove if not demolish l & rsquo; entire building?
L & rsquo; then eventual disposal of materials, how much it would cost?

Are obvious and legitimate questions that everyone should ask yourself before even commission a similar treatment too expensive and invasive.

To memorize options now we learn that there are alternative treatments much less complex, cheaper, absolutely non-hazardous and non-invasive, that use non-toxic substances, safe and clean… Then the choice becomes more & ugrave; simple and almost obligatory.

The latest technologies have brought to light two absolutely terrific products to solve the problem of & rsquo; moisture & agrave; city ​​that would be worth trying before any other method.

Their particular application system to imbibition Surface allows the & rsquo; brush application (or steam) and it allows you to test the product also locally in a few square meters without dust and without performing complicated and invasive jobs that force l & rsquo; tenant to leave Home.

L & rsquo; whole line of EAS process products and in particular IgroDry 2301 are the only products in the world can solve the & rsquo; moisture & agrave; boundary and internal water stagnation simply targeted and surface brush application, no holes n & eacute; cuts on walls.

Are completely safe and totally non-toxic certified products that remove the & rsquo; moisture & agrave; without the & rsquo; use of any chemical substance dispersed in & rsquo; environment, and in the wall.

Substances capable of:
– purge the salt content, smog e mold dalle orders & agrave; Murari
– sanitize surfaces
– chase l & rsquo; stagnant water and dry in depth & agrave; the wall.
Treatment healing 360° completely clean and odorless also apply on their own and without the need & agrave; a specialized firm.

What more could you want more & ugrave;?