Humidity in the bedroom

Humidity in the bedroomIt is always said that the ideal climate improves health and mood, but to keep it under control need to know some basics.

Everyone probably already know that there are two important parameters to be considered for the climate between the walls of taste Home: temperature and moisture.
Both determine the so-called perceived temperature, that the objective ends, It can be perceived very differently from what is measured with the thermometer only.

Although for all ages and for every different state of health will have different perceptions of well-being, in general, have a fairly high humidity in the house (beyond the 70 -75%) creates extreme sensations both in the case of hot and cold.

In the warm condition (over 24,5 °(C)), excess moisture there will perceive a still higher temperature and muggy, While, in the cold condition (below 14 °(C)), It will make us feel a cold condition penetrating and just bearable.

If instead, on the contrary, we have a humidity below 20% (therefore very low), too dry air may cause a feeling of dryness of the airways with risk of inflammation, trouble breathing and to salivate.
In this state, however, the thermal perceptions will be much less critical, The warm feeling will come much later (even beyond the 27 °(C)) and the feeling of cold is much more bearable (up under the 8 °(C))

The ideal moisture condition would then be an average value that goes between the 40 and the 65%, depending on the temperature and the external climatic conditions.

We know, however, how difficle keep under control the coefficient of relative ambient humidity because it is in direct dependence on external climatic conditions, the size of our homes, the number of people who live there, the state of the walls, our customs and many other factors that affect much on the internal steam production.

I am assuming that it would be almost impossible to have an optimal climate at any time and in any environment in which we live, at least guarantee us the best possible conditions in our house, it would be important.

But our house is made of different environments and in each place different activities, it goes without saying, therefore, that each vano It will have its different condition Hygrothermal towards which it would be appropriate to keep attentions and distinctions.

In the kitchen, for example, where there are concentrated cooking systems that heat (but they can also generate a lot of steam), where it moves constantly to prepare, Wash and place, it would be advisable to keep a lower temperature and try to limit the steam using a Hood extractor to remove excess (also a window open during the cooking time would not hurt, even in winter).

Condition should be considered similar to the bathrooms, trying to heat only in the moments of permanence and minimizing the dispersed steam by opening a window at the end of the presence (velocente to dispel the steam produced from the shower or bath).

Equally in the bedroom, the temperature can be kept rather low, It maintained the closed door (particularly when the activities in the kitchen are more hectic) to prevent an abundance of vapors and odors from spreading into a room dedicated to our nightly sleep (maintain a lowered temperature, as well as help sleep, also limits the accumulation of vapor in the air). It should also be considered that, overnight, the temperature will naturally raise for the presence of persons and with this also greatly increases the dispersed water vapor (because of breathing).

In the rest of the house where the activities are more sedentary (living room or study), the temperature should be raised by more than 2 degrees than the average. We know, however, that here the vapor emissions are virtually negligible (unless they wash the floors) and the room remains pleasant long without burdening individual well-being.


Being able to control the state environmental hygrothermic helps greatly saving energy, personal well-being and masonry conditions, minimizing the risks of taking root mold, the proliferation of mites and pathogens that threaten our health.

The then monitoring with appropriate termoigrometro It would be at least recommended (at least initially) when it has not yet familiar with humidity and temperature (two quantities hardly perceptible separately).


While for regulating the temperature everyone knows act on the control of the thermostat, When they encounter excessive moisture in winter, throw open windows at once and simultaneously for a few minutes, this method does not make a significant drop in temperature, but it certainly will reduce the moisture level to deal.
In summer, when external heat of the attackers, you should restrict the opening of windows and turn on a dehumidifier (dehumidifier or air conditioner in mode) l’appliance It is far more costly in terms of energy, but it helps our health and psyche!


But when the molds have already invaded and became difficult night living with moisture and odors, the most wise move is restore the environment as soon as possible. In addition to the multitude of commercial products, segnialiamo IgroDry which it is a real healing broad spectrum ideal and effective way to remove moss mold and bacteria without poisoning our most delicate and sensitive environment.

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