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Humidity in walls: the real solution exists, let's meet!

moisture in wallsIgroDry It is a product for the treatment of moisture in the walls of any type, It is unique and exclusive in the whole world market.

idhqsucciIts effectiveness has been proven in hundreds of applications were successful without the need for masonry work, drilling or installation of any device or material.

The product is applied by brush directly above the painting and you soak the wall as far as possible: immediately begins the drying process.

The miraculous effects and durable, They are recognized and verified by the best research laboratories of major Italian universities and are irreversible.

On completion of the treatment is no longer required to have any form of additional or supplementary maintenance and the walls remain healed and free from moisture or mold for tens of years.

All information on’use of the product, history, discoverability and the results They are available in the pages of this site, more specialized and detailed information can be requested from our assistance service.

But there is a but…
Despite this innovative opportunities, many users do not find it, others do not know us, some do not trust, then go in search of the various traditional methods that the market offers.

The primary source of information today, we know it, is the web, you type moisture or damp ski on the search engine and out tons of information (sometimes exact, sometimes less).

Indeed, the wall moisture problem at home is much more common than most people realize and they also suffer from new buildings (this is why the problem is widespread).

For this great demand for solutions, yes. I am threaded Also in the market commercial vultures exploiting that uncomfortable more to an attempt to make money, that to really solve the problem.

So they are advertised questionable and rather expensive methods, explicitly declared as the solution for each problem of moisture, which, however, they are useless, pollutants, ineffective, harmful or disruptive to the building.

Their websites are indexed to art, the key words damp walls the moisture in walls They are paid a fortune (as well as the SEO agencies) just to stay in the top positions on SERP the main engines.
But not enough:
– They also create ad hoc websites and visually striking
– Show international certifications and patents
– Presenting scholars and testimonial shouting the miracle
– Qualify as experts in the field, engineers and professors
– Promise guarantees long-lasting results
– Scomodano even Read, Postulates and famous physicists (Tesla Gauss up to hypothetical gravomagnetiche waves, totally nonexistent on physical books)
– Finally show the dazzling results with photos manipulated artfully.
All this is to convince the novice that this product is definitely the best, the winning and the most & ugrave; suitable to the problem.

marketingThey are actually marketing operations sewn brush to convince those with serious wall moisture problems.
Then it calls the company, the expert arrives home with his instruments for verification, then comes the commercial that convinces us to sign the contract, then comes the company to apply the remedy… then… you're screwed.
So be careful and inquire well before signing! Often the remedy is invasive and dangerous, sometimes harmful, other times of effectiveness too limited in time!
Now also they offer convincing guarantees and elusive refunds in case of dissatisfaction, but you have to pay first and then contact the Civil Tribunare to assert their rights trampled.

This well established sore recount tall tales costumes just to sell, also penalizes us.
– despite the successes achieved by the total product
– despite the seriousness & agrave; and l & rsquo; eticit & agrave; in shopping methods
– despite the support available and prepared
– despite the low economic risk that promise…

We often find ourselves in front of people They call us as a last hope after creating further damage or being robbed and cheated by others.

idhqltyisure, We can proudly say that we are extremely serious, who has met him knows, and although it is an easy fix challenge where others are not able, it is still not right to keep a fraudulent behavior.
It is not fair that the customer is convinced and robbed, He is taking advantage of his need and then forgotten no more care when you do not show the promised results (in truth almost never).

It also generates damage to the entire category: who was already swiped, will also increasingly distrustful of the most serious companies.

For our part however we promise to be more visible on the web and to further deepen the important technical issues in order to give the best possible information.
Then will our readers to spontaneously choose the most appropriate method and promising!

If you follow carefully:
– You discover soon as the product is exclusive and innovative.
– You discover how easy it is to solve any moisture problem in the walls, mold and thermal bridges.
– You discover what will be beneficial, sure, efficient and clean our treatment.
– you'll discover that the application will be simple and easy to do even alone with a brush.
– save money and inconvenience avoiding companies and personnel who will buzz for home
– You appreciate the many ecological advantages that promise for your well-being and the environment.
After trying IgroDry consiglierete certainly this method to your friends and acquaintances.

For any clarification We are also available by phone find all the references and contact details on the contact page to Italy.





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The place It is huge and full of information, then browse it with dedication and in-depth the topics that most inspire you. You'll understand how much ignorance there is on the subject of moisture in the walls and how interesting the history of this product, You will discover as it has been invented, its evolution and the successes that promises and that keeps.

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