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I live in a small house with an old-fashioned plan is still closed between a stone wall behind and in front of which I largely obscures the Sun is the House that the wall in short distance therefore very airy and I choked the mold as well as on the walls has penetrated even within the furniture; I took aeazione grilles on the wall and stretch each year with mould, but to no avail, I'm really desperate I wanted some advice on ….Apart from that to bring down the House … 🙂

No No stop, bring down the House is a far from say that is not the first to try this product, if properly applied, will regret not having known before!
The explain, IgroDry how will read, is a portentous characteristics formidable walls, restoring, his case therefore is desperate in itself, is desperate because he treated with chlorinated products that were not worsened wall State, enriching it even more salt ions (be solely responsible for your problem).

My advice is to start your treatment can then verify the actual effectiveness of the ’ product and later purchase the quantity that will be used to rehabilitate the whole environment ’. You will find this spring with a new fragrance of fresh and dry in his house.

When the greeting and courage, l ’ humidity wall today is solvable easily and with a brush!

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