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I have a two-story house, the third feels the smell of mold, winery,only in a few points in the corners, at the bottom of & rsquo; closet, instead against any moisture logic – rising again from the ground and goes high, on the second floor there & rsquo; & egrave; It traces n & eacute; moldy smell. Could you please suggest some way to eliminate the & rsquo; odor
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Good evening I., in reality there is nothing illogical in the fact that the mold deposits up or down in her apartment, It depends only on how much the wall is cold.

L & rsquo; moist air that stagnates in & rsquo; environment tends to condense in the most & ugrave areas; cold, then in the glass and walls.

What it can memorize options do right away & egrave; limit the & rsquo; moisture & agrave; Environmental often opening the windows to counter air and avoid to the maximum evaporative.

Then wash the floors with open windows, not dry the laundry in the environment, using the hood for cooking vegetables, etc. etc.

Instead when the mold & egrave; gi & agrave; established (and then smell the wine cellar) It needs to be removed as soon as possible and treating the masonry with interior restorative products.

The first operation should wash the area with a damp sponge soaked in water (preferably demineralized) to avoid disperse and inhale the spores and treat areas with igrodry 2301 Steam or disaqua

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His answer should do as a champion / model for online contacts.
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I do memorize options surely hear some details that because of & rsquo; late hour that you & egrave; now made reference to the coming days.

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