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Good day I have a ground floor apartment in the province of Venice with significant moisture problems’ both molds from ski. I'm looking for information on remedies not too expensive but necessary for a throw-in ordine.Vi wonder if you have a consultant here to show live the problem and possibly an estimate on what products to use for both internal (urgent) and externally (Also in the near time) or if there is any company that operates in my territory that operates with your product.
I see in you can’ attach photos but right now they are lacking, if you will attach the’ in a second message.
Waiting for your response

Regards M. And.


Good morning, Mr. M., consultants in the area we have not, Usually we do everything from here with the help of some of your photos and your information.

Verily use our product is very easy and does not require a specialized enterprise since this is always a brush surface application without asking for demolition.

Can also contact us by phone but it would be advisable that before you send us some photos to have a base on which to start.

I await his, enough of the pictures in medium resolution (They are also fine 1000 – 1500 pixels provided very clear and in focus)

The tel reference is 338 30xxxx8 or 0733 6xxxxx7



Good morning, I send photos hoping in the right resolution
regards M. And.



Mr M. good morning, I have just seen his photos, and the state of the walls would say that is bad.

I think the biggest problem is not at the moment the city wet ski that perhaps there will be but it is marginal, what must be checked subitissimo are the losses of water that descend along various areas of the walls.

Fiotemente you notice on the photos 2665 and 2667 in particular on the edges.

It could depend on many factors and may come from the gutter drains on the roof, from hydraulic systems that have small losses or even from the heating (If radiators).

From details I can not understand but it could be from his apartment or from any tenants above her.

Make a mental map of the facilities available in his building and try to assess whether there may be possible faulty pipes depending on the services that are positioned on top of her, Then I re-contacts.

Propose at the time a curative product would be impossible because first you need to fix the underlying problem and then restore the walls (Also distrust by those who make it look easy), his problem must be taken seriously if it does not want to be in a few months with the house invaded by mold and moisture.

Let me know as soon as possible or contact me by voice.


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