I was to buy the thermal paint…

I was going to buy a thermal-based paint containing ceramic balls when I stumbled on your site and now I have more doubts than before.
These days should come the worker to take off mold formed for the umpteenth time from the bedrooms and, after applying the vents to the exterior walls, apply thermal paint.
The schedule is tight as in late January I will deliver the new room.
The mold is formed only on two walls of the rooms, Fortunately the rest of the house is not affected by the problem.
As I said at the beginning I do not know what to do for this I am attaching some photos and look like your opinion.
Thank you.



Good morning, Mr. L. it is good to have doubts because the thermal paintings are half a solution.

Let me explain, to restore the house by molds is not enough to reduce thermal bridges, but you have to restore the wall and return it to an ideal breathability.
Applying a thermal paint you go, as a matter of fact, to decrease the boundary transpiration and do not get important isolation that would serve to avoid condensation. Basically you go for a worsening housing.

Now me, although I thank you for your concern, I assure you that is not the answer in order to sell the product, but only to shed light on a pit of information where every company today says few truths.

From our part, with igrodry, we know you are holding one of the best products on the market today, a product that is very effective for both heal by rising damp from molds that, but we also know that it is quite expensive and not all customers are willing to spend if they are not really in need and before they have made a long series of errors (also spending astronomical sums).

From his pictures I see that his problem is now important, mold certainly has been present for several years and so far has certainly been solved with anti-mold products based on chlorine (bleach).

Now these treatments, Although initially seem inconclusive, They are deleterious for many factors; first of all is the addition of salt ions on the masonry which helps to increase water retention (the bleach is achieved by the electrolysis of sea salt diluted in water), second factor is that chlorine is only whitening and mold fungus is not eliminated but only bleached and this remains alive and well, free to reproduce on that land fertilized by treatment with chlorine and with new organic paint applied to heal (so to speak) the wall.

She writes me that he intends to put the fans that I do not recommend it for the almost total ineffectiveness, that for the considerable thermal deterioration that will experience with the drilling of the walls.

The approach uses igrodry is totally different; the product is used to restore the desalinizzando wall and reopening the natural pososità and this brings two big advantages:
– restoration of natural breathability that allows a more natural air exchange
– Cancellation of surface water retention would no longer take root the spores and kills the mildew fungus simply essiccandolo.

Nothing poisons so, no irritating and toxic substance and a return to the natural features of the masonry.

I hope I was clear, I eventually re-contacts.

Greetings and happy holidays


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