I'm dealing with IgroDry, now how do I?

Good morning, The attached pictures of the walls after the first two applications of your product.

muffepostConsiders that after the applications you need to whiten or continue to remove the black coming out and apply new doses of Igrodry?
And’ normal for the dark spot has widened after the first draft?
What advice can you give me?
Which painting overlay can advise me?
Thanks for the ’ attention.


Mold (in his case black) is a fungus that feeds on organic components (as tempera painting) and water (that remains piled on the coldest points of its wall).
When he started to apply the product, the brush has smeared the stain all around (We always recommend to remove before the largest component by dabbing locally with damp sponge to avoid enlarging the stain). However it is not a problem in those areas should ripitturare anyway because the underlying tempera is all eaten by the fungus.

My advice is, now that dance, to make other applications well beyond the limits sbordando scored by moldy, this to avoid that tomorrow the thermal bridge moves on ’ corner still not attached or close to it and found mold in other untreated points.

Then follow these tips:
– in the corners I see over the hood, is abundantly to the opposite wall and part of the floor
– where I see the shutter (photos 995 and 992 and 990) I assume it's bedroom and bath apply coldest corners and uprights fixtures all the way
– in the tiled room ceiling looks very wet and then we spend a ’ other good hand

In the picture 994 and 995 It seems it's a thermal bridge due to discontinuity of walls or wall exposed to the North and it takes a – two coats of sbordate 20 cm horizontally and vertically.

The Council, however, in this case to apply the hot product (Maybe by heating it in a Bain-Marie or microwave on plastic or glass container)
If you already have previously treated the walls with chlorine or bleach products, the ’ application may bring out the acrid smell of old products, in this case apply more abundantly to remove more salt ions porofondità that masonry has accumulated.

Done all that can ritinteggiare with tempera painting without adding too many fixatives or non-breathable. We strongly advise against enamels, siloxanes or other modern mischief that limit perspiration walls.

A finished work the wall back ben absorbent and breathable and will also note that the angles humid so far (for dew store) do not bagneranno no longer allowing then to mildew of establishment.

To advise anyway, at least for the first drying time (but it would be a healthy habit to always) air often change by opening the Windows at the same time in the morning and in the evening or when, with riscandamento running, the temperature is high and the air is full of ’ humidity.
And’ una practically painless operation for the purposes of internal climate as it would be to evacuate most of moist air accumulated in a short time (1 – 2 minutes) and replace it with much more dry outside air; the temperature would remain basically the same but the humidity will relieve a lot of.

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